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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Minority Rule - Yeah !

Okay, this is going to be a little melodramatic, a teeensy bit tongue in cheek, and a heck of a lot emotive. But seriously kids, I'm fed up....sick and freaking tired of those who prize rules and legislation above all else and who place limits on others and refuse to give them a voice. I'm angry that those people hide behind empty meaningless words which they do not understand - like morals, social standards, ethics, social behaviour and political correctness. Those same people who have the gall to intimidate others in the name of rank or social structure, or 'righteousness' - a timeless word that belongs to everyone. It's too bad it does not unite with 'tolerance' and dance with 'individuality' and blend with 'acceptability' and stay away from 'justice' - an obscure word that has legitimacy to the one who applies it, and no useful function to the one to whom it is being applied.

The majority-rule society has produced heartache and intolerance; when all throughout this time, members of the minority have made an impact. For better or for worse, it is the daring few who have shaped this so called majority-rule society. Inventors, pioneers, radicals and visionaries have ventured from the lonely and costly camp of 'minority' only to be obstructed by majority-rule concepts that tolerate inferiority, hinder progress, harbour injustice, and pose limits within the status quo.

What is sad and insulting is that the majority basks in benefits and riches that were originally afforded by individuals who sacrificed their sanity, their freedom and their life. I am fed up with and frustrated by the inefficiency, inaccuracy, inconsistency and untruth I witness every day within bureaucracies.

I acknowledge that nothing is ever final, that possibilities are endless, that life is never simple, that a rolling stone does gather moss, that a watched kettle does boil and that those who cry last, cry the most. And most of all, I know I have the potential to stretch boundaries; the creativity to break new ground; the vision to shape new futures; the determination to realise my dreams; and the courage to break out of this majority rule typecast. And, damned if I'm not going to try - even if it means I'll have to infuriate the establishment along the way .... Let's kick some majority arse fellow minority-rulers :)


Vineet said...

I was going thru the same phase not very long ago - frustrated with the quality of work and the people you deal with - and then came an insight - don't care - its not personal - in reality it does not matter - what really matters is you being happy - look for things that make you happy - and trust me "work/job" comes low on that list and is an extremely non-realiable source to seek happiness. Do your work and leave on time. Be happy.

One more thing - we have two common favourites - Shantaram (thats how I came to read your post) and the movie shawshank redemption. Take care.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

I think we work for the same organisation.

Tracey said...

Have you been sneaking around the corridors of my workplace?

Seriously, it's like you've been reading my mind. Only you are so much more eloquent...

Tex's Missus said...

Vineet - Thanks for stopping by - you are right of course, but there are times when it's very difficult not to take things personally, to believe it doesn't matter and especially not to care. Still, it's something to aspire to and would be far less stressful than maintaining the rage and launching a new crusade against the establishment every couple of days:)

Sean and Tracey - Thanks for your comments too ... often I need reminding that most beauracracies are the same, and that mine is no better or worse than the next. Whilst it may sound melodramatic and wanky, the reason I'm still around is 'cos I see myself as a bit of a voice of the more junior less experienced people and can take on my senior peer group on their behalf. Not changing the world of course, but making things better for them in small ways each day. THe day I wake up and no longer have the inclination or the belief that I can still make a difference will no doubt be the day I write my resignation.

Have a great week folks :)

Mountaingirl said...

You go and kick all the arse you need to TM.

And don't forget it was the 'majority' that gave us Howard. It was the 'majority' that gave us Bush. It is the 'majority' that values economics over people.

And just because 'everyone says so' it certainly doesn't make it right or just.

Anonymous said...

You're so right.

Who even knows what "the majority" thinks?

Some people think they do, but usually what they mean is "I think" something, and I choose to only listen to others who think what I think, so I can therefor easily assume that this is what the majority think.

Often such people are overbearing and aggressive, so that people around them aren't comfortable with even saying anything which is different, so these people are even more unlikely to have any idea of what "the majority" think, say or do.

As to the media, they are the worst recorders of "the majority", because again, they only publish certain viewpoints, which target a number of specific goals; to sell advertising space or to influence opinion.

"It is popular" is a big advertising technique, because it makes two assumptions; first, that "it" truly is popular, and this is often questionable, and second, that if it is popular, then it must be good. This second is certainly questionable.

The fact that advertising makes use of this technique to attempt to influence us is a big red warning sign to me, which says "beware of any argument which tries to sell an idea, product or opinion based on it's popularity".

Every idea, thought, opinion or product must stand on it's own merit, and if it is argued that it must be good because it is popular, then I would question why it is not being sold on it's merits, and why the "majority rules" argument is being used to sell it instead.

Majority rules is often a way of pushing people into a certain way of thought while avoiding any meaningful discussion as to whether that particular line is best or even appropriate. When people persist with this argument, and get angry about questioning it, it is a sure sign that they are attempting to cover up the truth, or avoid the obvious fact that there may be a better way.

Indigo-Daisy said...

Hence came forth my poem called
the laws of my soul.

there are three major types of laws that people will follow,
the laws of the land,
the laws of the church,
and the laws of the soul
if there should come a time when they are not equal, and I must choose one over the other
I shall choose to follow my soul,
for I can step outside of the land and the church,
but I can not step outside my soul.

random moments said...

Passionate woman! I don't think I could work where you do. You sound more than just frustrated and rightfully so. Sometimes I go weeks without watching the news because there is so much of this going on.

Watergurl said...

Carpe diem, a bit of fire in the belly is good for us. I say fan the flames and build the fire ...

kyles said...

i think your mojo is back honey....i totally agree with everything you said....infuriating huh?