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Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Not Fashionable but.....

....I am absolutely passionate about my AFL footy. I have followed the Essendon Bombers AFL Football Team for 40 years and there is nothing (ok, very little) more I love than sitting in the stands of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) watching my Bombers beating an opposition team (especially if that team happens to be Collingwood, which incidentally is Tex's team !) or if I can't be there to watch the action live, I will sit in front of the TV and watch the game. While I would prefer to watch my team, it doesn't even have to be them - I will sit and watch any AFL teams play (although I must admit I do struggle to watch interstate teams ie. those not from my home state of Victoria) !

Boys, if you are not an Aussie Rules fan, get on board ! It is a game of consummate skill, characterised by athleticism and high marking:

....and a bit of biff:

Girls, even if you cannot stand sport, there is something here for you too:

Bomber Boys in surf:

and the gorgeous Matty Lloyd:

I guess my fanaticism was borne out of being the eldest of three daughters of a sports-mad father who did not have any sons. So, I became the tom-boy of the family, getting footballs, cricket sets and blundstone boots while my sisters got barbie dolls. I'm much more feminine these days, but still love my footy in the Winter and cricket in the summer.

Fortunately, I live in a home with other footy fanatics - Tex loves his Magpies and my son plays AFL and follows his Sydney Swans with equal fervour :)

I bloody love footy season !!


kyles said...

well TM, you had me lost until I saw the pic of the bomber boys in the surf, now you have my full attention!! I'm afraid for the longest time I have equated AFL with Warwick Capper, uncouth of me I know, but I am a mere country NSW yobbo who loves a good scrum...giggles!

I consider myself now educated on AFL and look to you to continue my education (any more pics of the bomber boys surfing...hhmmmm?) xo

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

You kept that under your hat. Boo hiss!:P

"We are are the Navy Blues, the old dark navy blues, we're the team that never lets you down, we're the only team old Carlton knows..."

I don't know if you could have done our friendship a greater harm (unless you'd gone for Collingwood).

Sarah said...

I smile every time I read the word "footy". Footy's are sock slippers you wear on your feet here in the USA...I would much rather slip on one of those "footy" players instead....

I'll tell you what impresses the hell out of me...they don't wear any padding! Makes our football players look like a bunch of pussy men!

pita-woman said...

Well Sarah, you pretty much echoed what I was thinking.
Damn!, if American football players dressed like that, I'd be glued to the tv every Sunday afternoon & Monday evening too! Not to mention if our players were in that kind of shape... so many of our guys, while big and powerful looking, are also very overweight.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the new gay pride flag?

It's red and black.

(ps: see my blog to read about a real AFL team)

random moments said...

I second what Pita said above. Our football players, not so hot. But then again, its a different kind of football.

Thanks for giving me an eyeful!

Tex's Missus said...

Kyles: that's okay, I feel the same way about rugby - don't understand the rules and don't like the baggy shorts :) It's very state-specific this footy thing! In the interests of meeting my friends needs, I'll see what I can do in the way of more gratutitous shots of the boys without their guernsey's on :)

Sean: Wanna wager on today's match buddy ?? I'll even give you a few goals in if you like (that's how confident I am of my boys) What to you say - you in ??? Or do you know you are on a hiding to nothing ??

Sarah: No padding indeed my friend - these boys are built tough ! It is a very physical game, and there are lots of bumps and biff, but the emphasis is more on it being a running, free flowing style and less on beating each other to a pulp :) You and PW need to stream a match on your PC one day to really appreciate the style and form of these players !

PW: Take my tip PW, watch a match and you'll be hooked - in fact that's the homework I'm setting for you and for Sarah - you'll need to watch at least 30mins of a match and report back to me on your observations - go to it girls !

Tex - Paid up and and very proud :) (Although I will leave it to my readers to work out which is the more 'soft' team = the mighty Bombers or the little Magpies ?? Which team sounds the toughest and which team sounds soft ????)

Tex's Missus said...

Hi RM - you must have been posting your comment while I was typing my own - thanks for dropping by! I think you should follow the advice I left for Sarah and PW and do your homework. I would love to know what you girls think after watching a game :)

Anonymous said...

We are so gonna kick your fuckin' arse on the 25th April.

The bombers are so gay, especially Matthew LLLLLoyd, what a fikin llllloyd he is.

Anonymous said...

aNd anyway, why does he throw grass in the air before he kicks the ball everytime?

What the fuck is that about?

Mountaingirl said...

I don't get it (yes and I even grew up ion WA - AFL mad) but I do admire your passion :-)

And I am so glad that while I am silently cursing the lack of dumb tv on a Saturday or Sunday which nurses me between naps, someone will be benefitting from the schedule change :-)

Robert said...

Kangaroos forever - have to back them, cousin(6 times removed) used to play for them (when yhey were generally better known as North Melbourne, and the last I heard his son was playing, tho not sure what grade.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with a few of the others--Footy players are really nice to look at. Growing up in the U.S, I absolutely hated playing football, and then one day I stumbled upon your version. Aside from the fit players, it just seems like more fun and it makes more sense.

And TM, I enjoyed playing with your adopted cat Nindethana. The folks at Bunnyhero Labs are brilliant!

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

that was a close game, i thoughtt you were going to walk over us

Tex's Missus said...

Tex: It's okay babe, you can let your inner-gay out here - there's nothing wrong with lusting after Matt Lloyd - all the girls and half the men at every MCG game will be doing the same.

MG: Sorry you lose out with your lack of viewing pleasure - but your loss is very firmly my gain - I watched 5 games on the weekend - I was in heaven :)

Robert: What was your cousin's name - if I had that kind of connection (however tenuous) I would be milking it for all it's worth ! (and a warm welcome to my Blog - thanks for stopping by :)

Riverwolf: Your insightful comments just confirmed why I think you are such a wise person !! The boys are indeed easy on the eye and the game is far more skillful and watchable than other codes of footy. And yes, thanks for giving me the inspiration to adopt Nindethana (which incidentally, is the name of the farm I grew up on as a kid) I loved your pet wolf and shamelessly stole your idea :)

Sean: Mate, I was on tenterhooks the entire match. A buddy of mine was at the match and we were texting and calling throughout the game. It was a hell of a lot closer than anyone expected. Fev was bloody on fire - and even though you didn't win, I'm sure your boy's performance augurs well for a far better season than last year.

Joe said...

Back in the day, the AFL had a highlights show on ESPN, the American cable sports network. I loved it and watched it every week. I thought they were better athletes than the fat asses I see playing American football. Sadly, the interest in the show died out. If I win the lottery I'll see a game in person. Its gotta be a blast.

Tex's Missus said...

Hey Joe,
when you have that lotto win and get to Aus, Tex 'n me would love to take you to a game and shout you a meat pie :)

Robert said...

Frank Gumbleton - played in no 30 - cant remember what position but forward pocket rings a bell

Robert said...
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